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Sep 22, 2022 | [ Events ]   [ Games ]  

IMD Interactive is excited to announce that David Saves Keilah is now free to play on Steam. We’d like to take this opportunity to honor God and thank our development team, family, friends and supporters.

Anointed Games are meant to engage players and offer an interactive and educational approach to learning God’s Word through an immersive experience as one of God’s anointed leaders.

Stay tuned for future updates! IMD is planning to provide additional learning materials and content through our Resources page and Anointed Games Youtube gaming channel.

Now, let’s get in the Game With God!

Sep 13, 2022 | [ Events ]  

Anointed Games are ready to hit the market! On Thursday, September 22nd, IMD Interactive will launch it’s first title of the Bible video game, David Saves Keilah, to the Steam gaming platform.

For the first time, players will experience the story in an interactive environment through game play and immersion.

Did you know that by sharing with friends to follow DSK on Steam that it makes the game more searchable? With over 160 million monthly active users on Steam, it’s a tremendous opportunity to help spread God’s Word to others that have not heard it.

It’s time to let friends and family members know, God is meeting players where they are!

Aug 16, 2022 | [ Events ]   [ Games ]   [ The Anointed ]  

You don’t want to miss this! Mark your calendars for September 22nd. The Anointed video game series first release, “David Saves Keilah” (DSK) will be available for download via PC on the Steam platform.

Don’t leave others in the dark about what God is doing in the gaming space. Pass it on to friends and family to give an opportunity to sign up for updates at

The Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive) is excited to announce that “The Anointed: DSK” recently reached Beta after an initial preview of its first Bible game was released at the Magic City ePlex.

“The Anointed: DSK”, developed and published by IMD Interactive, is the first of three games scheduled to release in 2022/23. The game follows 1 Samuel 23 featuring Saul’s servant David, who saves the people of Keilah while being hunted by Isreal’s first king.

You can get a snapshot of our preview at the ePlex from our Youtube, Facebook or Instagram channels (see links above) and while you are there, don’t forget to like and share. Thank you for helping to spread “The Word”!

May 3, 2022 | [ Events ]   [ Games ]  
Event: June 15, 2022  |  1500 1st Ave N, Ste F103, Birmingham, AL 35203

Join us at our office in Birmingham for a discussion about publishing and marketing video games.