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The Anointed Franchise

Anointed games are dedicated to telling stories of the Bible’s mightiest heroes through gameplay, cinematography and scripture. The Anointed franchise begins with David Saves Keliah, an early access release of our first title, The Anointed, based on God’s chosen shepherd who becomes crowned king of Judah.

David Saves Keilah

Explore a story of David, the shepherd who would become king and is the only man referred to as “a man after God’s own heart.” David Saves Keilah is the early access of The Anointed. Protect the people of Keilah,  witness an ancient civilization, evade and destroy enemies, and learn God’s justice in this third-person action adventure game.

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Target Age Groups

We develop games for:

Young Children (4-7)
Children (8-12)
Teenagers (13-18)
Young Adults (19-25)
Adults (25+)

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Game Submissions

We do not accept unsolicited game proposals, and we require all solicited game submissions to follow our approval process in writing before any proposals will be accepted.

Please contact us for details.

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At IMD, we develop and promote the best-in-class titles and games for churches and community. Our new and coming soon titles will be announced through our mailing list (click here to subscribe) and affiliation distribution channels.