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Their is beauty in developing video games and building a ministry. IMD gets to go to places and “meet people where they are”. Video games will continue to be the most popular form of entertainment, and that’s not changing anytime soon. So, while more generations flock to video games, and IMD continues to develop “The Anointed: Heart of David“, we also understand the need to build relationships with the people we seek to serve.

A big part of our approach, as a ministry, is to make free Bible video games that will reach an audience of Christians and non-believers. But, we are not just waiting for people to walk through our doors. We seek to forge real relationships that are established in God’s Word.

We recently returned from ForwardCon. ForwardCon is an annual event for young people and youth leaders, aimed at deepening their faith and connecting with like-minded individuals. IMD loved the opportunity to “meet them where they are” and share with dozens of church youth leaders and thousands of students about how God is moving in the video game space, because God will also meet us where we are.

Our ministry team left the conference blessed and fulfilled. We received encouragement and heard from like minds wanting to connect with future generations through “The Anointed”. Many said, “The Church needs this!”, while others said, “I can’t wait to play” or “That’s so cool!”

According to Mathew 28:19-20, Christ says “Therefore go”. So it’s time for us to go “where they are”. And while we are following the Great Commission, we start by listening and learning, seeking to understand, and tailoring our approach, because it’s not about our needs, but the needs of the youth pastors, parents and students we serve.


Interested in “going out” with us at our next event? If you live in Birmingham, AL, we will be participating with the Birmingham Barons at their Faith and Family Nights on the evenings of July 19th and August 16th. If you’re not interested in volunteering with us please come out to show your support! Don’t forget to sign up at the link below or simply contact us through our website if you are interested in volunteering at future events. Let’s “go out” and make a big impact on a family together!

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