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While we rely on fundraising to accelerate our development, but there are other ways you can help.


Are you a 2D/3D artist, programmer, developer, musician or graphic designer? Need an outlet to fulfill something you believe God is calling you toward in the gaming industry? Explore an opportunity with us to serve this project and discover if this is your next assignment.


Stay tuned on future events. There are incredible opportunities for discipleship and discussion around sharing God’s Word through gaming. These events need people to help plan, organize, transport equipment, set up, clean up, etc.


We need to get the word out about our games! Do you have a Twitch or YouTube channel? Do you frequent any applicable Steam boards? Let people know what you love about our games. Contact us for more info!

Online Support

We anticipate message boards to spring up around our games so people can discuss strategy, share tips, and just generally geek out. Those message boards will need people who can serve as admins to help the community.

What’s your interest?

How would you like to help?

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