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About Us

The Foundation for Intelligent Media and Design (IMD Interactive) is a 501(c) 3, non-profit video game and media publisher. We are a collection of video game developers, business leaders, pastors, education professionals and communications experts. We are united from our passion to serve Christ and others by delivering God’s Word.

Our Mission

We publish video games and technology to shift attention from traditional media to Bible-based games and content, while providing an immersive educational experience.

  • Reinforce the Bible’s teachings
  • Provide a secure place to play
  • Reveal God’s Word
boy playing The Anointed
teens playing The Anointed

Our Commitment

  • Provide an environment to create relevant media and offer opportunities to use individual skills to put others first.
  • The Great Commission – Help churches and organizations deploy new technologies to reach people by producing video games that spread the Word.
  • Establish immersive experiences through art, software, and music to enhance Bible literacy and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anointed Games?

Anointed Games is the branding behind IMD’s effort to portray God’s anointed heroes in the Bible.

How much do Anointed Games cost to play?

It’s completely free! We and our supporters believe in putting high-quality, Bible-based games in the hands of gamers, and even adults, so they can learn and experience the lessons from God’s Word. As Christ gave us the gift of salvation, we believe this game should be a gift.

How are Anointed Games funded?

As a non-profit, we rely solely on donations to help fund development, distribution, outreach and total ministry efforts. We do ask you prayerfully consider helping us fund Anointed Games!


How do I access David Saves Keilah?

The minimum and recommended system requirements are located on our Steam store page. You will need a PC with an enhanced video card.

What is Steam?

Steam is a video game digital distribution service and storefront. The service is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. The service has over 160 million monthly active users. 

What is David Saves Keilah rated?

Steam requires users to be 13 an older to sign up for an account. David Saves Keilah is designed to be used on a PC for more experienced players, but is controller compatible.

Does David Saves Keilah depict any violence?

David Saves Keilah deploys stealth and combat through gameplay to help illustrate the story as referenced in the Bible. However, there is no blood or gore in our games.

I have younger children, should I let them play David Saves Keilah?

As a parent, that is ultimately your decision. We do want to help you be better informed. Determine if your child is mature enough for combat and stealth in a video game. We provide lesson plans and video content on our gaming channel. You can review the videos before you decide.

What references and resources do you use for developing content?

First and foremost, the Bible is our main source of information.  Since we portray these events graphically, we also look to experts in history and archaeology to help us understand how to portray weaponry, warfare, architecture, and lifestyle.

How do you choose titles?

We work with pastors and other experts to distribute stories from the Bible that can achieve two main goals:

  • Help players get a visceral feel for the events so they can remember them clearly.
  • Teach players valuable lessons about morality, dedication, faith, and redemption.

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Our Team

Drayton is the founder of IMD. His passion to provide high tech tools to churches and equip future generations is derived by the mercy of Christ.
Drayton Cosby
Carlo provides leadership and a strategic vision to the organization through Processes and Production.
Carlo Romano
Chief Operating Officer
Matt is responsible for developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating the company's technological resources.
Matt Clark
Chief Technical Officer

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