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The Anointed Game Update

IMD is proud to announce this major (free) update to DSK. Now, the player can experience how David’s story starts and how this unlikely young person became The Anointed.

In addition to the previous episode, David Saves Keilah – the player will find:
– Two New Levels and Training Areas
– Advanced Combat and Combo System
– More Cutscenes, Voice overs, and Story
– Improved Stealth and Strategy
– Special Abilities: Holy Vision and SMITE
– In Game User Guide and Tutorials
– Free-Play Mode with Hidden Areas
– Swimming: David and Horse

This new and improved update to DSK will enhance the player’s experience. There is much more gameplay, and almost double the play time.

The Anointed: DSK is a complete episode of the upcoming title, Heart Of David. The Anointed franchise will continue to be developed, and updates to the DSK episode will continue as new features are completed. This is only the first of many updates. Supporters and Players are very important to IMD and this update exemplifies the effort to make quality games and provide those updates free (always).

Thank you for the continued support. Learn more about IMD by visiting www.IMDinteractive.org

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