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Players, it’s finally here! IMD Interactive is excited to announce that The Anointed: “David Saves Keilah” (DSK) is available to add to your wishlist on Steam. You will be notified by Steam when it’s ready to play! Our target time for download is late September.

Parents, If you do not have an account you’ll need to set up your account through Steam. Please pay special attention to our minimum system requirements located on our Steam page.

Steam requires users to be at least 13 years old to sign up to use their product because of the platform’s communication features such as open chat and community forums. We recommend you learn the platform, connect with your children as often as possible and set parameters, especially, if you are unfamiliar with Steam.

This is a great opportunity to spread “The Word” to friends, parents and churches by letting them know that gaming is ready for the Bible. Please consider forwarding this email, and let other families know they now have option to play “David Saves Keilah,” a Bible story. Don’t forget to tell them to add it to their wishlist!!

Let’s get ready to GAME WITH GOD!

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Time to spread “The Word!”