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IMD is very busy developing the full version of The Anointed game, but we are never too busy to pass on an update to the demo, David Saves Keilah. There is so much we want to share with all those that have supported us. Players in over 130 countries have experienced the Bible through David’s eyes and we know they are anxious to see the final game. We are anxious to show it….. we believe it is a game-changer!

But, we must be patient, like David, and not give away any spoilers… So, IMD will be updating the existing demo in May 2024 with elements that enhance the user’s experience. These will not be material changes in the content, but technical advancements for better performance, lighting, and controls. Some of this is due to a major Game Engine upgrade. Unreal 5.3 is the best of all game engines and production tools in the world, and we are on top of it. This engine is used for Fortnite, a popular online game, and even movies from Mandalorian (Star Wars) and Guardians of the Galaxies.

Another important update that will help the user’s experience will be a new menu and full Game Controller support. This provides the player with a cohesive feel and quicker access to functions that bring them closer to interacting with the ancient world as David did. IMD will always look for updates and game enhancers that help our players live and learn from the biblical stories that the game represents. We hope you stay tuned for future updates, and will try this one out in April.

IMD appreciates all your support. Let us know how you like the upgrade, and please don’t forget to hit our Donate button if you wish to help us reach more countries, equip more churches, and bring the Bible into more lives through interactive games.

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