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Game development is a craft, not a hobby. This bold statement reflects the divide among hobbyist and professionals – and is often the problem with someone’s perception when they are neither. It is easy to think of developers in the same way we think of game players, and there is some truth in that pro game developers play games, but this correlation fails when applied the other way. Just playing a game and/or knowing a lot about games is not a craft or what constitutes a professional.

IMD employs a professional approach and relies on the craft of building interactive software. Of course, we play games and that is one of the driving forces behind our efforts. However, it is only a small part of who we are and what we do. As professional craftsmen, we recognized the void in quality games that echo our belief system and faith in God. This is our calling; to use our craft and professionalism to produce the games we wish to play and the biblical lessons that can positively alter lives.

It is hard work. Games are not easy to make. And, we greatly depend on the support of the Church, the gaming community, and those with resources to help us. However, we focus on the craft and the calling…. and are driven by purpose. This comes out in all we do, but can be witnessed most easily in the design of our titles. “The Anointed” is our first title and is a game based on scripture and a specific time in young David’s life. (1 Sam 16 – 2 Sam)

David has been the inspiration for great art and artist for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Caravaggio, Donatello, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo are only a few notables that have come before us, but we are unique. Caravaggio used shadows, Donatello used human nature, Rembrandt applied realism, and Michelangelo mastered the combination of those with size as a qualifier. They were all defined by the application of their craft to this very subject. Just as they did, we apply our craft to the design and development of new art…. more immersive art. Art that can move modern sentiment and change lives in an interactive manner.

Our craft is on the cutting edge of art, and our designs must be able to stand up to the rigor of making the connection between David’s life and the lives of those who need his biblical story. This is where we find design challenges and a few “must dos”:

  • It must be true to the Word and interpreted into exciting gameplay.
  • Graphical representations (poetic license) must support the Bible.
  • Research found in the Bible, History, and Archeology must guide us.
  • The game must be fun and accessible to families and hard-core gamers.
  • The design must be detail-based and we must develop the details into the design.

We geek out on the Word, and examine every aspect of David’s story so “The Anointed” can be the game-changer we all know is needed. We stand on mighty shoulders and reflect on what previous artists have been challenged with and have achieved. This is where we look to our craft and design to do our best, as professionals. I am often reminded of Michelangelo and a stone that was called Goliath and considered unconquerable. This young sculptor, against all odds, found David inside as he chiseled away – led, inspired, and in command of his craft.

The details that revealed themselves to him, brought David to life. The details we uncover and develop into our game, hopefully brings David into lives.

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